The 1 Simple Thing You Must Do When a Customer Says, “Thanks but No Thanks”


The sales process (particularly for the sales rep) can be emotional and exhausting.  Its very easy to get caught up in the passion of it all. 

As the professional selling the product or service, there is one very small but major thing that you can do to salvage (or extend) the relationship when a customer says, “No thanks” or “Not right now.”

Not doing this small thing, will guarantee the relationship you have built will be severed. 

And you would be surprised at how many professionals fail to do this (only to their detriment).

What is this one small action that makes all the difference?

Its simply responding.

Yep, that’s right.

When the professional who is in the seat of the seller, responds to a “no thank you” or “not right now” from a customer with a simple, “no problem, I’d be happy to help you in the future”, it shows the customer that you are not judging them or hurt by their rejection. 

It demonstrates to them that you are a mentally strong individual and you are coming from a place of abundance, not scarcity (no matter your actual situation).  Also, you as the seller will continue to be available to them if/when they are ready to move forward.

This very small and simple action makes all the difference in the world.

By not responding, you will guarantee that this customer will not have any interest in working with you going forward.  A lack of this response, shows the customer that you likely only had your own self-interests in mind, as opposed to the customer’s best interest. 

Sometimes, (usually in times of particular scarcity) a professional looking to sell a service or product will reach out later to the same customer to attempt to re-engage them.  This almost never works. 

Customers remember how you treated them and will respond to you, in kind. 

Can you think of a single time when you bought something from someone who you felt only wanted to sell you a product or service for their own self-interest?

Its more than likely your answer is “no.”

No one is interested in buying anything from someone like that.

So, the next time you get rejected by a potential customer, do this one simple action.  You may be surprised at the reactions you get and the relationships that do loop back around for you.