10 Celebrities Who Are Changing the Way We View Mental Health

From Lady Gaga to Angel Haze.

Mental illness can totally suck and make you feel totally alone. That feeling can be made worse by the lack of public discussion around the topic. Because there’s still such stigma around discussing mental illnesses like anxiety or depression, many people keep their suffering a secret. In fact, the National Institute of Mental Illness shows 20% of youth ages 13 to 18 suffer from severe mental illness. According to Mental Health America, depression in teens is increasing at an “alarming” rate. Luckily, these celebs opened up about their battle with mental illness to show you that it can affect anyone. Check out these open and honest stories about how celebs dealt and are dealing with mental illness.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber spoke up about depression and feeling weighed down by expectations last week when he canceled all future meet-and-greets with fans on his Purpose World Tour because they were too much to handle. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Justin said the fan meetings leave him feeling “drained and unhappy.”

“I always leave feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression,” he wrote. “The pressure of meting people’s expectations of what I’m supposed to be is so much for me to handle and a lot on my shoulders.”

It makes total sense that Justin needs a break. Depression isn’t just a mental disorder, but can cause physical symptoms like pain, fatigue, and appetite changes.

This isn’t the first time Justin has opened up about mental illness, though. Last year, Justin told NME that he gets depressed “all the time” because he feels isolated.

Justin told NME that he tries to put things in perspective when he’s overwhelmed with depression.

“If I wanna do this, there’s gonna be darkness thrown at me,” he said.

Rowan Blanchard

In 2015, Rowan Blanchard also made an Instagram confession. In a reflection on the year, Rowan wrote that she was experiencing more depression than ever.

Rowan said she had so many emotions over the course of 2015, and even sometimes had multiple emotions all at the same time. The ups and downs, Rowan concluded, can be put in perspective even if they seem like too much.

“As I found myself, this year in particular, going through ups and downs with depression, I realized that instead of rejecting and ostracizing these teenage feelings (human feelings), I can learn to love the intensity of them and know that everything is momentary,” Rowan wrote. “I learned this year that happiness and sadness are not mutually exclusive. They can exist within me at the same time in the same moment.”

These realizations, Rowan said, lead her to understand accepting and processing her feelings is more helpful than just blocking them out.


Halsey spoke out about having bipolar disorder last year, but in a recent interview withBillboard, the singer revealed her struggle with mental illness led her to consider suicide when she was 17.

Though the National Alliance on Mental Illness estimates approximately 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness in a given year and 1 in 5 youth ages 13 to 18 experience a severe mental illness in a year, Halsey told Elle that being a bipolar, bisexual, biracial woman makes her sometimes feel “inconvenient.”

“This plight, like you said, of being the ‘inconvenient woman,’ just comes from people expecting me to…I’m not always going to be agreeable, you know? I’m not always going to be calm,” she said. “I’m entitled to my emotions and, unfortunately, because of the circumstance that I deal with, it’s a little more than other people”

Halsey has found a community on the Internet though, one where she’s able to channel her emotions and connect with people who relate to her.