#MHAB2016 Raising Awareness of Quality Mental Healthcare


We are thrilled to have Linda Rinehart speaking at the 1st Annual Mental Health Art Benefit on March 12th.  Even more so, Empowered Partnerships is excited to raise awareness of the Quality Mental Healthcare available here in Colorado.

Colorado Linda 605 reg (2)is one state that is helping lead the charge, bringing strong mental healthcare to Consumers and Patients.  Linda will be kicking off the event by speaking about this directly.

This event is more than a fundraiser for the National Alliance for Mental Illness, it’s an opportunity to have an honest discussion and raise awareness of the Quality of Mental Healthcare in Colorado.

Empowered Partnerships believes that Quality Care is so important to the MENTAL HEALTH 2Consumers and Patients, but also to the staff and team providing the care. Working in Colorado at organizations that have a passion for their consumers well-being, and giving the team an opportunity to continue to learn, and provide support to them every step of the way is instrumental in being a leader in providing Quality Mental Healthcare.

Empowered Partnerships is proud to be a staffing company that specifically works with Mental and Behavioral Healthcare organizations. The dedication to the industry helps the candidates find terrific opportunities, and organizations to fill needs quickly and provide the best care for their consumers.  Learn more at Empowered Partnerships.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to hear Linda speak, and to enjoy the amazing art and food all donated to the event. Purchase your tickets today!