2017 Behavioral Health Recruiting Strategy

Welcome to 2017!

The new year is filled with promise and hope. It also is filled with a huge task list for Behavioral Health Recruitment Teams across the country. It is a perfect time to streamline and improve the recruiting process to make the recruiting process more efficient.

Empowered Partnerships is here to help. A Recruiting Outsourcing & Consulting firm designed for the Mental and Behavioral Health industry, EP partners with organizations to identify and solve their recruiting challenges within the Behavioral Health industry; all while helping find candidates for the current job openings along the way.

2017 Behavioral Health Recruiting Strategies

Partners enjoy customized programs, to address their unique recruiting needs to help streamline the process and make it more efficient. This includes:

  • Create focused, detailed and attractive job descriptions
  • Create and/or streamline a steady recruitment process
  • Train managers how to conduct effective interviews
  • Conduct reference checks and employment verification for Candidates
  • Raise awareness of the organizations brand to top candidates around the country
  • Recruit on their current behavioral health openings to bring in top talent to join their team
  • All at a significantly reduced cost compared to Staffing Agencies or hiring an Internal Recruiter

As a a result, the EP program works with organizations to help them be the Employer of Choice in their market, by addressing their unique needs.

Are you ready to address your 2017 Behavioral Health Recruitment Strategy? Contact Us today to schedule an initial discovery call.