4 Tips to Speed Up Hiring Process

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4 Tips To Speed Up Hiring Process

Written by Dani Rice, Co-Founder & Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions Provider, Empowered Partnerships

When it comes to hiring, time is of the essence. When a Candidate decides to begin looking for new jobs they are bombarded with options and offers. Those Organizations who hold out may lose out on a top Candidate for their team.  There’s nothing more frustrating than going through the entire interview process, to then lose the top Candidate to a competing offer.

Meanwhile the internal team is working overtime to cover empty shifts, resulting in burnout and discontent. The longer the position stays open, the more the team feels frustrated eventually leading to more turnover.

When it comes to hiring, speed is essential. Here are a few quick tips to help speed up the process.

Cast A Smaller Net

Be specific with the job Description. Be clear and specific about what is required when advertising the position. This will eliminate candidates who don’t fit the requirements, speeding up the screening process.

“Think Long Think Wrong”

The day in age where Organizations would fully interview 3-5 people before they will make a decision about next steps are over. In this market, Organizations must move quickly. When meeting a great candidate early, move them forward within the process as quickly as possible. Ride the wave and be the first to offer to capture them before another Organization picks them up.

Plan The Interview Process

Plan the interview process ahead of time, do not “figure it out” along the way. A quick outline will work. Ensure all the key stakeholders and interviewers understand the interview plan, and their specific part in order to keep the process flowing quickly.

Partner With The Experts

Partner with a Company to help fill the roles faster. The key is to find a Recruitment Firm who understands the specific Industry and Roles. Specialized Recruitment Firms assist the Organization in hiring top quality Team Members in the quickest fashion.  Empowered Partnerships  is solely dedicated to the Mental & Behavioral Health industry and partners with organizations to fill positions with top Candidates faster.

When it comes to hiring, speed is of the essence to solidify the top candidate for the role and relieve the pressure on the remainder of the team.

Dani Rice, Co-Founder

Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions Provider

Empowered Partnerships


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