5 Communication Tips When Hiring

Hiring Communication Tips BlogWhile searching for the next great Team Member, it’s important to ensure there is constant and clear communication to Candidates throughout the process. Many times top candidates are lost due to lack of communication from the Company, which results in an assumption that they are not selected for the role!

Below are 5 Communication tips to maintain communication throughout the process

Prepare the candidate for the interview proces

When reaching out to a Candidate, prepare them for the interview process by outlining a general plan that the team intends to follow. This can include a phone interviews, in person interviews, reference and background checks and credentialing process. All of this can take some time, by allowing the Candidate insight into the process, they are prepared in advance for the plan, and understand when it takes time to ensure that all candidates are at the same place before the company moves forward.

Speak about salary expectations and compensation package early in the process

Money is a sensitive topic, and not a lot of people are naturally comfortable talking about income, however it’s important to get the conversation started early in the process. There’s nothing worse than losing a top candidate due to the fact that the salary expectations are not met.  Organizations offer more than just income, they offer benefits, relocation packages, PTO, wellness plans, etc.  All of this should be included in the Compensation Package discussions.  Having this conversation early sets the tone that the discussion has been had, the Candidate has a chance to discuss their needs and the Company discloses their budgeted compensation, and if a match is met then the interviews progress. If not, then the conversations can halt saving everyone time.

Consistently update candidates on status, while preparing them for the next step

A quick email can save a lot of heartache.  Candidates consistently feel at the mercy of the company, and when there isn’t any communication, the fear of the unknown seeps in.  A quick weekly email to candidates in process can help update them on status and alleviate their fear, which eventually can lead to Candidates accepting other offers.

Ensure all candidates know when the position is closed

Sharing bad news isn’t anyone’s favorite job, however it’s imperative to let people know that a position is closed so they can pursue other jobs.  This not only is the right thing to do, but it also helps maintain the companies brand and reputation within the Candidate market.

Continue conversations with top candidates for future positions

Because a company only has one position open today, doesn’t mean another similar role may not open in the future!  Maintaining continuing communication with top candidates keeps them in the loop for future roles and keeps a strong Candidate Flow to the organization.

Maintaining strong communication channels is imperative during the hiring process. In this day in age, Candidates are juggling multiple interviews, and a variety of positions they’re considering, so it’s important to maintain Communication about the process so they have the best experience possible.

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