Video: 5 Quick Tips Mental Health Professionals Can Use to Get a Job Faster (Plus Bonus Tip)

Finding a job can be tough, especially in a slow market.  The good news is, there are some quick and simple tips to help you get a job faster!

These tips don’t take much time and, oftentimes, these little things can make a big difference!

If you’re not doing any of these tips, give them a try!

  1. The big job boards are great, but the specialized ones are your best friend!

The big job boards (like Indeed, CareerBuilder, or Monster) will give you a wide variety of jobs to apply to, but the specialized job boards will give you better, more targeted results!  Here’s how to find them for your industry: search “job board” and your industry niche in google and take a look at what comes up.  You might be surprised!  These boards will often have more targeted results to offer you and you can bet, not as many applicants are applying!

  1. Sharpen your resume like an arrow narrowing in on its target!

Too many times, hiring managers will receive resumes that are clearly more generally written to be applicable to a wide variety of jobs.  For example, I got a resume this morning where a woman wanted to apply to a Case Manager role, but she had Administrative Assistant written in her career objective.  You can see why this is not a great idea.  Tweak and focus your resume on the job you are applying to.

And here’s an extra trick: in the Word document, you write your original resume in, highlight or make the font red for the areas you need to change of each job.  Be sure to remove the highlighter or red text before sending.  This will make it much easier on yourself when you do need to make changes.

  1. Don’t leave any potholes on your resume!

Employers look at your resume and if there is a gap in your employment, the first question they ask themselves is Why?  You can easily remedy this by putting something in that gap to fill it in.  Here’s some examples:

Jan 2012-May 2012 Taking classes at Colorado University to gain knowledge in…

Oct 2011-Nov 2012 Searching for the right job for me, as well as, being a stay-at-home mom

Both options are great and completely erase any bad misconceptions the hiring manager may have created in their mind.  Also, don’t assume they will make the connection.  We all know what assuming does. ?

  1. Use your network!

If you have a friend who has a job that you are really interested in, ask that person how they found it.  You would be surprised how many jobs are found these days through networking and utilizing your network of friends and colleagues.  Also, think in-person and online!  You didn’t start that LinkedIn account just to show off your fantastic self!  Go use it!  See who you are connected to and send them a message.  You never know who may lead you to your next opportunity!

  1. You can reapply for a job you really want, but make sure to do it right!

Oftentimes, people say to themselves, “I’ve already applied to that job and they haven’t returned my message.”  Who knows, maybe at the time they had too many applicants or the hiring manager had other obligations other than hiring for this job that kept their attention.

You can reapply, but here’s the right way to do it.  The biggest thing is that you tweak your resume a bit to even more closely target the position.  Add a specific story of how you accomplished an objective or reword your experience to better reflect how you got the job done.  Then, (just as important) create a NEW cover letter to submit with your resume acknowledging that you are reapplying and why!  This is SUPER important because you do not want to come off as someone who is just slinging your resume on the wall to see if it sticks like spaghetti!  Tell them you are still very interested and why.

Don’t lose faith!  With perseverance and persistence, you will get there!