5 Top Benefits of Temp and Contract Employees

There are many different benefits to using temps as new employees.  Whether you’re bringing on extra talent for a special project or looking to rebuild your workforce without all the risk and costs usually associated with new hires, temporary and contract employees can help your company in a number of ways.  Here is a look at the top five benefits of temporary hiring.


Let’s take a look at the top five…

#1 – Flexibility

Temp services provide flexibility in an unstable economy.  With the recent fluctuations in the economy, many employers are worried about hiring too many employees at once.  What if things change and they have to let go of their workforce again?  Their concerns are justified.  Working with temporary/contract workers offers employers the ability to increase or decrease their workforce as needed with no repercussions whatsoever.  This type of scalability can be crucial to the long-term success of any business.

#2 – Cost Savings

Who doesn’t want to save some additional funds these days?  In working with temporary or contract workers, you only pay a small fee to the agency over the time you utilize that contract personnel.  This means you don’t have to provide benefits including medical/dental/vision benefits, workers’ compensation, overtime pay, vacation or sick pay, retirement costs, and other income benefits usually offered by the employer.

#3 – Try Before You Buy

In every new hire, employers are always most concerned with making the ‘right’ hire for the job.  Unless you are working with a staffing company, there is no guarantee that this person will work out perfectly for the role.  How would you like it if you could try that person out before you decide to bring them onto your internal team?  This is possible with temporary and contractor staff.  All temporary worker agreements include a full replacement guarantee, in which employers can rest assured if someone does not work out (for whatever reason), they will have a replacement immediately keeping operations running smoothly and staff satisfied.

#4 – Save Time

All temporary and contract personnel go through a rigorous screening and interview process before they become available for work.  Agencies will walk every job seeker through this process to be sure they have the correct abilities and skill set for the positions they are most interested in.  This process also allows the agency to identify additional opportunities the job seeker may be qualified for but not yet aware of.  This process ensures success for the job seeker and the employer.

#5 – Fast-Track Hiring

Since job seekers will have already completed the screening process, this means our pool of talented staff are ready to spring into action and get to work immediately.  This can be critical for employers looking to hire staff quickly while still maintaining a high standard of quality.  Temporary and contract employees can usually start working within just a few days and often are available the very next day.


Empowered Partnerships LLC provides temporary, contract, and contract-to-hire personnel to healthcare and dental employers from coast to coast.  We have a wide variety of skilled specialty staff ready to work for you.

No matter if you are looking for temporary/contract workers, contract-to-hire personnel, direct hire staff, sourcing support, retained recruitment assistance, or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services, we offer many different options to help employers hire and continue to grow.

If you are interested in learning more about temporary and contractor staffing options, please contact us at contact@empowered-partnerships.com or view more information about our services on our Employer’s Recruitment Support page.

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