6 Best Interview Questions Specifically for Hiring Temps

When conducting an interview with a potential temporary worker, most employers will ask the same questions they do as if they were conducting an interview for an internal hire.  However, is this really the best strategy? 

For the most part, those questions are valid and good ones to ask.  Yet, this potential temp will be working a little bit differently than an internal one.  They are essentially on an extended job interview until the day you decide to hire them internally.  So, does it really make sense to treat the interviews exactly the same?  Not really.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Interview Questions employers should consider asking a potential temp hire to make sure they are collecting the best information from the candidate as possible.

6 Best Interview Questions Specifically for Hiring Temps

#1 What is it about temporary work that excites you?

Job seekers have a tendency to answer this question in a multitude of ways.  What you want to focus on as their potential employer is ‘do they seem to be viewing a temporary role as the gateway to better things?’  What we mean by that is will they be able to stay engaged throughout the temp assignment or will they get a wandering eye for something else?  This is an important distinction to make and consider in any temp hire.

#2 Are you hoping to eventually become an internal employee with us?

This question seems to hold the keys to the kingdom for many temp job seekers and it goes back to some of what we were getting at in Question #1.  Will they stick around for the whole temp assignment?  Do they see themselves gaining longer-term employment with your company?  Again, this is a critical factor in deciding to take them on temporarily or not.

#3 Tell me about a time when you had to be especially flexible and agile in your role?

Most often with temporary work, the employer has some sort of pressing need and this question will help tell you how flexible they can be in switching tasks and even switching their focus.

#4 How do you (or have you in the past) quickly adjust to a new work environment and team? 

For the short-term and long-term success of this temporary hire, you will need to know if/how they will jump into the dynamics of the team.  This question will help you to analyze how they will be looking to do that… or if it’s even on their radar.

#5 What are your long-term goals for your career?

This is a simple question but there is definitely a lot laced behind it.  Carefully review how they answer.  Do their long-term goals match up with your goals for the role or the company’s?

#6 We will be looking for someone to prove themselves quickly in this assignment.  In what ways do you see yourself demonstrating your value in this temp assignment within the first 30-days?

You can put whatever kind of timeframe that works best for you in there.  The question is direct and demonstrates to the temp job seeker that you want to see proof of value quickly.  You will be accomplishing two things with this question, 1) setting the expectation and 2) giving them the opportunity to tell you, then show you.  If they don’t do as they have described, you also have something to use in discussing what you are seeing with them.

Are you considering bringing on new employees and thinking about what temps could offer your business?  If you are considering building your team or adding on additional support for incoming projects, let us know.

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