Humans, we all know, are strange, irrational, beautiful creatures, who often act in weird and wonderful ways. That makes us hard to deal with sometimes, but it also makes us totally fascinating. These 8 Ted Talks on Psychology go a long way toward helping us understand why.

All our quirks are fuel for psychologists who spend their professional lives trying to dig into our heads, uncovering the processes that drive us to be so maddeningly unpredictable and amazingly complex. Understanding a little of what these explorations have uncovered isn’t just a great way to feed your brain, it can also help you succeed in business (or relationships). These great TED talks from some of the field’s leading lights make learning about psychology easy and entertaining.

1. How we read each other’s minds, Rebecca Saxe

According to Saxe, a professor of neuroscience at MIT, you don’t need tarot cards or ESP to read people’s mind. A functioning Right Temporo-Parietal Junction will do just fine. In her talk, Saxe explains how this brain region allows humans to be uncannily good at sensing other people’s feelings, thoughts, and motivations.

“If you love science jargon and scientific analysis, this one’s for you,” writes MakeUseOf’s Joel Lee, recommending this talk in a round-up of his favorite psych-related TED talks. PsyBlog calls Saxe a “superstar of psychology.”