8 Ways to Know When a Company is Desperate to Hire Anyone

The old ‘just put butts in seats’ hiring method, it works for no one.

So why do companies do it?

There are many reason this can happen…

Maybe the company didn’t hire at all earlier in the year and are in a race to make up for it.  Maybe the company has been through a rough year financially and are starting to get back on their feet.  Maybe the culture of the company is negative, and they suffer with a lot of turnover.  

It’s rarely intentional but can be terminally harmful to the company.  When you are being considered for a new opportunity, always remember you are there to vet them just as they are qualifying you.

If at any time, you get the feeling any of the 8 situations below are occurring, run immediately.



8 Ways to Tell When a Company is Desperate to Hire Anyone

#1 The communication from anyone at the company is unprofessional or negative at any time. 

Do you really want to work for a company where this is ok?

#2 The recruiter or hiring manager seems to jump at the chance to talk to you right after you applied. 

This is very unusual hiring behavior and should be seen as a red flag.

#3 If they try to hire you in the middle of the interview. 

A company that is being thorough in their hiring process, will take a little time to decide, weighing in with all the decision-makers.

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#4 In your research of the company, you find indications of a bad reputation AND when you ask about it in the interview, they actively ignore or side-step the question (red flag).

The ‘and’ part is very important here.  Companies get bad reviews sometimes but that does not automatically equate to “oh no, stay away.”  Not all reviews are fair or unbiased.  The problem comes when the company does not want to address those concerns.  

#5 There is a financial investment required on your side. 

This is not a job, it’s a scam.

#6 They seem mainly interested in your availability to start working and not that interested in your experience or background. 

Ask yourself, “are they vetting me at all for this job?”  If the answer is “no”, run for the hills.

#7 The job description seems unclear or vague and when you ask about it, your question only creates more questions. 

This is likely a recipe for difficulties for you should you accept and could demonstrate the company is unclear about what they want (and therefore just want a warm body in the seat).

#8 It’s a one and done type interview process. 

Meaning you only have one (or maybe two quick) conversations either on the phone or in-person before you know if you got the job or not.  Think about it.  If they are not doing their due diligence on you, what else are they not doing properly.  Lack of investment in their hiring is a lack of investment in you as their new hire. 

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