Quotes Mental Health Professionals Should Always Remember

2017 is almost over.  Pretty unbelievable, right?

When we near closer to the holidays and end of the year, this is the perfect time to reflect on the things we have accomplished and ways we have grown over the past year.

I pose this question to you…

“If 2017 was the best year of your life, what would have to happen?”

Take some time to really process and think about this question.  Write down your thoughts.

Have you already done the things that make this year the best one yet?

If not, what can you start doing today to make this year the best on yet?

As mental health professionals, we are always focused on helping others.  However, its just as (if not more) important to also take some time to focus on achieving your own goals and dreams.

If you can find a balance between the two, this will only make you an ever-better version of amazing self, and therefore, an even better mental health professional.

We’ve collected some awesome quotes accumulated from Empowered Partnerships’ Instagram account over the past year or so that every mental health professional should remember.

The job you do is so very important and with you, the world is better.