A Very Special Thank You #tietuesday

“We have dark days, and bright days. Take time to look into yourself to find that “true blue” you, as you will find it the brightest light you will see.” ~Jon Drogheo #tietuesday


Sometimes we all find ourselves struggling in one way or another. Struggling to find patience, to find peace with ourselves, or dealing with a difficult or stressful situation.  One of our clients, Jon Drogheo at Jefferson Center for Mental Health has found a way to reach his network and beyond with inspirational and touching ways to approach daily challenges with his Tie Tuesday posts on Facebook posted every Tuesday with #tietuesday.

Inspired by struggles in his own life, as well as his friends lives, Jon uses many real world experiences to discuss difficult subjects.  His followers and friends alike have been accustomed to see the #tietuesday on Facebook with Jon’s original and thoughtful words greeting them online.

“Honor, remember and thank those who have come before you. You are who you are because of them. While you may not have walked in their shoes, you have learned from their journeys.”

 “The bruises, bumps and occasional black eye in our lives come from participating in something we love. Wear them as a badge of honor as it shows, you are an active participant in life.”

“Don’t be afraid of the past, but don’t’ let it dictate your future.  The past is a great learning tool, however we must learn from it, advance and move on; away from what has been done in the past. One cannot truly grow from staying in one place.”

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We would like to take a moment to say Thank You to Jon for his weekly inspirations and thoughts. These sometimes funny, always thoughtful and welcomed weekly musings give his readers pause and a chance to think about something within and outside of themselves.

Thank you Jon, we appreciate you and we look forward to seeing the future #tietuesday thoughts!

Dani & Ashley Lane, Empowered Partnerships LLC