Since 2014, Empowered Partnerships has been solving complex mental health hiring challenges for our clients.  We geek out on it, actually.


Some may think we are peculiar in this way, but if being peculiar means you get to do what you truly love every single day… then, we may be the most peculiar professionals around and proud of it!


Our company is the product of recruitment professionals who out of a deep respect and admiration for mental and behavioral health care sought to contribute to the industry in our own unique way. 


It’s with this passion and devotion to mental health that we have committed ourselves and our careers to helping the companies and professionals thrive.


Empowered Partnerships partners with HR and hiring teams across the country to help them fill their mental or behavioral health open positions.  We develop in-depth requisition profiles to really get to know the person we are looking for then build a strategically customized hiring action plan to locate the most qualified professional for the position.


Our clients have been quoted describing our RPO Program as “flexible”, “reliable” and “cost-effective.”


The Job Seekers we represent come from all areas of mental health and/or behavioral health care.


We maintain a large network of candidates from all over the country with experience working in integrated health, outpatient or inpatient care, addiction recovery centers, residential therapy environments, and so many more.


We take a lot of pride in what we do, the companies we partner with and the candidates we represent.  For us, every open opportunity, each position filled with an eager candidate represents a network of clients and patients who will be able to receive care because of the placement.


Empowered Partnerships’ RPO Guarantees:

Below is the minimum guarantee expectation we offer to all our RPO Partners at EP.

Brand Partner – We guarantee Empowered Partnerships LLC will represent the brand of our RPO Partners in the manner they determine.

Clear, Consistent Communication – We guarantee Empowered Partnerships LLC will facilitate communication clearly in a consistent manner with both employers and job seekers.

Data and Analytics, You Can Use – We guarantee Empowered Partnerships LLC will provide all our RPO Partners with detailed data and useful analytics focused on their specific market and openings.

Direct Results of Impact – We guarantee Empowered Partnerships LLC will provide all our RPO Partners with a vetted and enthusiastic talent pipeline of candidates ready to be considered.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – If at any time a client is not happy with Empowered Partnerships LLC’s performance, they have the right to terminate the agreement early.


If you are an employer, seasoned professional or new grad looking to break into the industry, we want to partner with you!


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Some of Our Incredible Candidates Include… 

Licensed Clinicians – LPC, LCSW, LICSW, LMFT, PSYD, LMHC, BCBA, etc.

Licensed Candidate Therapists – LPCC, LSW, MFTC, PSYC, etc.

Psychiatric Nurses – RN, RN-BC, RXN

Nurse Practitioners – NP, APRN, APN, FNP, PMHNP, etc.

Substance Abuse (SUD) Counselors – LCADAC, CADC, LADC, CAC, LAC, SAAC, etc.

Behavioral or Mental Health Technicians – MHT, BHT, RBT, etc.

Bachelors and Masters-Level Mental Health Professionals (certified and non-certified)

Integrated Behavioral Health Therapists

School-Based Mental Health Counselors

Program Managers

Clinical Directors

Executive Staff



Who We Are

Ashley Lane Boyle, Owner and Founder 

(720) 541-9678





Jon Drogheo, Director of Talent Acquisition 

(720) 295-3208








Why We Created PsychOpps.com


PsychOpps.com was created by Empowered Partnerships LLC out of a recognized need.


We are lifelong recruitment professionals who stay in-touch with all the different websites and tools focused on hiring.  After a few years of research, we realized all the service offerings for employers were basically the same.  The cost was all about the same and none of them had developed search functions.


We decided to change that.  


PsychOpps.com is a job board and search engine developed specifically with Mental Health and Behavioral Health Companies and Job Seekers in mind.  We created fully-customized search features enabling Candidates and Hiring Managers can search based off of the factors that matter most to them. 


The website is 100% FREE for Job Seekers and $1 for Employers to post a job and $1 to contact a candidate.


That’s right!  PsychOpps.com is meant to be helpful and not break your bank.


Visit the website here: www.PsychOpps.com




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