The Perks of RPO Methodology in Mental Health Recruitment

What are the benefits of using a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) hiring model in mental health recruiting professionals?

The field of mental and behavioral health is always in continuous need of licensed personnel, credentialed caregivers and allied professionals to accomplished one of the most demanding health care tasks in America.




According to the united nation, persons with mental health issues represent a significant proportion of global population. It is also estimated that one in four adults suffers from health illness in any given year. Worse off in some instance is the apparent lack of resources including professionals who are skillful in the field of mental management.


This issue has increasingly becoming a concern with few Practitioners in the following field of mental health management such as Mental Health Counselors, Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatric Nurses, Social Worker, etc.


One of the challenges faced by human resource (HR) and hiring managers in the mental health sector is finding appropriate and suitable recruitment methodology and policy that reduces cost, increases savings and enhances effective and qualitative mental health care service delivery. Based on needs, long term or short-term prospects and other factors, some recruitment methods and patterns are used by health hiring managers such as contingency hiring, executive search, recruitment process model (also known as RPO), etc.


While all the models above have its advantages depending on the field. The recruitment process outsourcing model (RPO) tends to be the most adopted model in recent times by hiring managers due to its inherent advantages which benefit the mental health hiring process.


In fact, more healthcare organizations are now adopting the recruitment process model (RPO) model as a short-term and long-term strategic initiative to hire professionals for critical health positions tied to performance and productivity.



The following are only a few of the benefits of adopting Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model in mental health hiring:


  1. Scaled Down Cost of Recruiting:

One of the reasons for upsurge in adoption of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) model especially in health institution is a reduction in the cost of recruitment. An RPO service provider can decrease the cost of mental health personnel hiring by streamlining the recruitment process, which reduces cost while still developing recruit qualified candidates.


  1. Hiring the Best of the Best:

Hiring personnel for mental health positions requires more than academic qualifications but also includes maturity, personality, and previous experiences. Mental health hiring managers may not have the time to look critically at some of the salient qualities, qualifications, and experiences needed in mental health patient care and management during recruitment.  Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Model provides a more suitable solution in such a situation as it has the built in ability to look critically into those qualities and hire candidates that met all the necessary criteria of mental health management.


  1. Speedy, Speedy:

Hiring professionals and talent for mental health positions quickly, especially during emergencies could be a daunting task for hiring managers.  Recruitment firms offering a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model to clients are most often specialists in their chosen industry.  Clients benefit from this with quick solutions and response from their RPO partner’s network, while also maintaining a high-level of quality in applicants.


  1. Short-term & Long-term Hiring Improved:

Short-term and long-term hiring both require effective strategies during recruitment.  An RPO service provider provides the best platform to hire both short and long term hiring workers needed in mental health management.  They have the ability to scale up or down as their client needs shift through seasonal changes, organizational changes, etc.


  1. Reduced Redundancy & Bureaucracy:

Using RPO service providers for hiring mental health personnel, takes away duplication and bureaucracy encountered by hiring managers which often leads to delay and increased overhead cost. This benefits the mental health hiring process by ensuring that mental health workers are recruited when needed to meet the influx demands of mental health patients.




No matter if you are planning on hiring 1 or 100 mental health or behavioral health professionals this year, RPO is a option to be considered.  The benefits are just too great to ignore. 


It is the goal of Empowered Partnerships’ RPO program to make our clients the Employer of Choice in their market.  Every step of the way, we have found a way to streamline the process, anticipate needs, and make working with a recruitment outsourcing firm more simple than ever.


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Ashley Lane Boyle

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