Alzheimer’s: New Drug that Halts Mental Decline is ‘Best News for Dementia in 25 Years’


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The first drug that can prevent Alzheimer’s disease is finally on the horizon after scientists proved they can clear the sticky plaques from the brain which cause dementia and halt mental decline.

Hailed as the “best news” in dementia research for 25 years, the breakthrough is said to be a potential “game changer” for people with Alzheimer’s.

Scientists said they were amazed to find that patients treated with the highest dose of the antibody drug aducanumab experienced an almost complete clearance of the amyloid plaques that prevent brain cells communicating, leading to irreversible memory loss and cognitive decline.

Crucially they also found that after six months of the treatment, patients stopped deteriorating compared with those taking a placebo, suggesting that their dementia had been halted.

These findings could be a ‘game changer’ if the effects on memory decline can be confirmed in more extensive follow-on studiesDavid Allsop, Professor of Neuroscience, University of Lancaster

If shown to be effective in larger trials, the first drug to prevent dementia could be available in just a few years.

“The results of this clinical study make us optimistic that we can potentially make a great step forward in treating Alzheimer’s disease,” said Prof Roger Nitsch, at theInstitute for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Zurich.

“In the high dose group the amyloid has almost completely disappeared. The effect size of this drug is unprecedented.


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