Announcing EP’s NEW Telepsychiatry Unit – EPTU!!

We are currently seeking experienced mental health professionals to join our very first Telepsychiatry Unit!

EP’s Telepsychiatry Unit (also known as EPTU) was created out of a need within the market for qualified professionals interested in assisting in tele-psych!  Telepsychiatry is believed to provide better access and higher-quality care to patients who need psychiatric care and cost savings to providers of such care.  Telemedicine has been successfully integrated into psychiatric facilities reaching rural areas, prisons, and urban facilities.  It has increased the volume of patients that physicians can reach and diagnose, as well as allowing them to treat patients with limitations in mobility.

As you may already be aware, telepsychiatry is a GROWING field!  As the demand for telemedicine grows, as does the need for mental/behavioral health patients and professionals to connect in a similar capacity.  The Emergency Services field has already demonstrated the benefits and advantages to telepsychiatry services.  As more insurance companies start to reimburse for telepsychiatry treatments at the same rate as for face-to-face visits, this evolving medical field has the potential to grow exponentially!

Our unit will consist of licensed professionals: Psychiatrists, PMHNPs, RNs, LPCs, LCSWs, LMFTs, PSYDs, CACs, etc.* with direct prior experience working in mental health facilities.  All participants are pre-vetted by Empowered Partnerships and will operate as contractors working for Empowered Partnerships.  We do this so when a client has a need, we can select the right individuals for the project quickly and easily… and equally as important, we can advocate for and protect our employees in all employment situations.  Professionals must have the ability and be open to work in a remote capacity depending on the requirements of the project (both from your home office and out of one of our client’s office locations).

All those who opt to participate in the program will be asked to complete a simple checklist verifying licensure, past mental health experience and your ability to be employed on either a part-time or full-time basis.  You will tell us your schedule and availability!



EPTU is a 100% FREE service for all Job-Seekers! 


To Participate in EPTU, you must at a minimum…

  • Possess active Colorado licensure without restriction. This is REQUIRED to participate in EPTU.  Sorry, no exceptions.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Have a home office set up including a reliable computer, internet service and access to a phone


If you are interested in joining EPTU, please copy/paste the below information to complete…



What part of town are you located in?

What licensure do you currently hold in Colorado?

Do you have a valid Driver’s License? (Y/N)

Preferred Schedule: Please select your preferences by highlighting the schedule you would like to work.

Monday: Day Shift – Evening Shift – Overnight Shift

Tuesday: Day Shift – Evening Shift – Overnight Shift

Wednesday: Day Shift – Evening Shift – Overnight Shift

Thursday: Day Shift – Evening Shift – Overnight Shift

Friday: Day Shift – Evening Shift – Overnight Shift

Saturday: Day Shift – Evening Shift – Overnight Shift

Sunday: Day Shift – Evening Shift – Overnight Shift

Hourly Compensation Range: $________ (min) to $________ (max)


Complete and send in an email with your resume to

Ashley Lane McKelvey

NOTE: We are anticipating a HUGE response from our Job-Seekers.  To eliminate those who maybe are not as serious as others are, ALL THOSE WHO FAIL TO COMPLETE THE ABOVE PIECE OF THE APPLICATION WILL BE PASSED OVER FOR THOSE WHO FOLLOWED INSTRUCTION.