Applications in Your Inbox – Build a Consistent Talent Pipeline in Mental Health


The struggle is real. 

As a mental health recruitment company, we talk with employers looking to hire industry professionals every single day. 

Through all those conversations and feedback, there has been a common thread… trouble developing and maintaining a continuous flow of interested and qualified (that’s the real key) candidates walking in their door. 

More often than not, employers get fixated on filling openings as they pop up.  However, anyone in HR, recruiting, or employment can tell you, reactionary hiring is never a good plan. 

Effective hiring plans start many steps before the recruitment process even begins.   

The most influential hiring professionals work through an on-going process of long-term strategy and curated development.  They understand how valuable a good connection is and practice consistent communication with their network.  

If you are an employer struggling with this, here are some key things you can do to help create a strong and steady candidate pipeline for your own company…

  1. Examine your company’s recruiting and hiring processes from start to finish.  How many people reapply to your company after applying at least once before?
  2. Create profiles for your targets.  Think beyond just job responsibilities.  What kind of personalities work best for the role and company culture?  
  3. Develop a consistent methodology for communication with job seekers throughout all steps of the hiring process.  You absolutely cannot scrimp here.  Communication is one of the two keys that changes everything.
  4. Go hunting!  Don’t blast to your network and hope for a bite.  Go looking for them.  Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed and many others are great resources to research and find contact information.  And don’t forget to check your competitors.
  5. Engage with them.  Communicate clearly, concisely and more often than feels necessary.  Even “no news” is an update to the job seeker.  


While building a consistent talent pipeline can take some time and extra effort.  However, it’s worth its weight in gold. 

Building strong talent pipelines in mental and behavioral health is our specialty.  When an employer comes to us looking for help accomplishing this goal for themselves, we share with them our latest recruitment support solution, the “Month-to-Month RPO” program. 

This agreement lazer focuses efforts to deliver exactly what employers need most, a consistent qualified talent pipeline. 

Employers will receive a dedicated Recruiter working full-time to deliver a consistent and steady flow of qualified candidates for their outsourced jobs.  This only includes candidates who have been directly sourced specifically for your positions and pre-screened thoroughly before being presented.  Our job is focused on sourcing candidates and keeping people walking in your door. 



“Recruiting in an industry with a staffing shortage, means you have to stay creative and vigilant.  At Empowered Partnerships, we think of recruitment as a light switch that you always keep in the ‘On’ mode.  This Month-to-Month Recruiter program takes that to the next level.”

Ashley Lane Boyle, CEO at Empowered Partnerships LLC


How It Works:

Outsource jobs to Empowered Partnerships LLC

Complete kick-off call where you give us the requirements for your job profiles

Start receiving qualified submittals 

Sharpen the target profile on our weekly Dashboard calls

Interview and hire as you like!


The Perks:

You can switch out the jobs you need candidates for as often as you like. 

Outsource any industry-related position, with the exception of Supervisors and Providers.  

Ensure submittals are on-target on the weekly update calls.

These are month-to-month agreements, so you have the option to cancel at any time.  

Starting at $3,500/month, for 5 jobs outsourced.  


Contact us for more detail on how your company can gain access to a consistent, qualified talent pipeline for your jobs. 



Ashley Lane Boyle

Empowered Partnerships LLC







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