Are There Guarantees in RPO?

Strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in RPO are critical to ensuring success. 

Guarantees play a majority part.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is one of the fastest growing methodologies in employment trends and hiring strategies.  RPO has earned the reputation for delivering measurable results with real-time data and analytics.

However, compared to other staffing models, sometimes RPO can be a bit misunderstood.

Guarantees in RPO agreements can be a big area of concern and confusion for hiring companies.

This is likely because there is not only one way to go about it.  RPO Providers offer many different types of guarantees in their contracts.  Deciding what types of guarantees are most important to you and having a clear understanding of your prioritization is key.


Good Guarantees:

These are the guarantees you want to look for in agreements.

The 3 C’s

Consistent, Clear Communication… this includes between client-provider and provider-candidate.  This will be true with almost all RPO agreements as RPO is all about smooth transitions. 

Screening and Vetting Deliverable

RPO Providers will usually agree to a screening and interview process focused around delivering the highest-quality candidate to the hiring company.  The key to success here is making sure the language in this section is very clear and understood thoroughly by both parties.

Data, Metrics & Other Numbers

The majority of RPO SLA’s will include some language around the data, analytics and reporting that will occur during the agreement.  This guarantee of verifiable metrics is always a big perk for hiring companies.  The RPO Provider will often be able to offer previously unknown insight into job seeker activity beneficial for the company.

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6-Months or 1-Year Guarantee

One of the most common ways for any staffing company to offer a guarantee is to ensure if a hired candidate leaves within a certain timeframe, they will replace them for free.  The time frame for this guarantee is most commonly sometime between 30-120 days under contingent agreements, whereas RPO agreements usually offer replacement guarantees for the lifetime of the contract (usually 6-months or 1-year).  

NOTE: There are some RPO Staffing Providers who do not include this type of guarantee into their agreements.  This is not necessarily a bad sign for a hiring company, but certainly something to address before entering into any agreements.


Cautionary Guarantees:

Proceed with caution!  When considering a potential RPO Provider partner, keep an eye out for these red flags.

Number of Hires

A very common guarantee but one you should always be a little extra leery of is guaranteeing a particular number of new hires within the agreement timeframe.  While all RPO Providers would LOVE (and I do mean LOVE) to guarantee that they will be able to help your company hire that magic number of new employees, there are too many factors in the process out of the RPO Provider’s control for them to be able to confidently make this guarantee.  This is precisely why you should be a little extra cautious with someone who does offer this guarantee. 

“I Need Them Yesterday” Guarantee

Time-to-fill guarantees are another one to be a bit cautious in agreeing to.  Similarly, there are many different working components the RPO Provider cannot control and making this type of a guarantee is very risky on their part.  What does it say about them as an RPO Provider if they are willing to take that risk?


Lastly, to offer you some level of comparison, this is what Empowered Partnerships will guarantee for every client.  Our guarantees do often extend beyond what I have included below.  You can consider the information below our bare minimum. 


Empowered Partnerships’ Guarantees:

Below is the minimum guarantee expectation we offer to all our RPO Partners at EP.


Brand Partner Representation – We guarantee Empowered Partnerships LLC will represent the brand of our RPO Partners in the manner they determine.  

Clear, Consistent Communication – We guarantee Empowered Partnerships LLC will facilitate communication clearly in a consistent manner with both employers and job seekers.

Data and Analytics, You Can Use – We guarantee Empowered Partnerships LLC will provide all our RPO Partners with detailed data and useful analytics focused on their specific market and openings.

Direct Results of Impact – We guarantee Empowered Partnerships LLC will provide all our RPO Partners with a vetted and enthusiastic talent pipeline of candidates ready to be considered.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – If at any time a client is not happy with Empowered Partnerships LLC’s performance, they have the right to terminate the agreement early. 

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If your company is looking to hire mental or behavioral health professionals, RPO is an option you cannot leave out.  The benefits greatly outweigh any potential fear of failure.    


Hiring within our high-niche industry, the talent is scarce.  The supply of qualified or even available candidates is low absolutely everywhere.  Being able to tap into candidates who are happily-employed and not looking is critical. 


Empowered Partnerships LLC specializes in delivering purple squirrel solutions to employers in need of qualified mental health or behavioral health professionals through our proven RPO practice.


Let us design a customized RPO strategy to solve your mental health hiring challenges.



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