Are You the Next EP Partner?

Your organization is unique and different, with very particular needs when it comes to hiring.  It’s important to partner with like-minded companies who take your company as seriously as you do. 

At Empowered Partnerships, we do just that.

Below are some of the reasons that our Clients, we call them Partners, have decided to work with us on their staffing and recruiting needs.

“We are not just a company; we are a CAUSE.” – Ashley Lane McKelvey, CIR

  • We focus on Mental and Behavioral Health.

    We have a passion for the industry, and believe that having the right people in the right jobs can really make an enormous difference in a patient’s life. By having this specific focus, we understand the industry and speak your language, which helps fill your jobs faster. We put forth all of our efforts for our Partners to help streamline processes, and fill their jobs quickly with the very best people. We are humbled to help make amazing connections for companies so they can put their efforts in helping their patients. 

  • We are not a Vendor.

    After having 20 years of combined experience in staffing, our owners are dedicated to not be like every other staffing company. We don’t want to be your Vendor; we want to be your Partner. We can help you quickly find amazing staff for your openings, and we become an extension of your recruiting team to be a continual resource whenever you need it.  We help build great reputations in the market for our Partners…something a vendor could never do.

  • You work directly with the Owners. 

    We believe that you need help quickly, and you deserve a partner that is flexible enough to help in a variety of ways. In partnering with EP, you work directly with the creators and owners of EP.  This allows us to be flexible in our partnership, offering unique and customized offerings from traditional staffing, to personalized partnership agreements to help during a busy time to ensure candidates don’t get lost, and you fill your jobs as fast as possible. We also recognize that while we are flexible, not all organizations will be ready for the dynamic services we bring to the table.  We’re creative and flexible.  We take pride in being able to assist you in unique ways without any red tape.

  • Our Fee Structure is Simple.

    We have one direct hire fee (a percentage of the annual salary) and one markup fee for Contract/PRN or Contract to Hire roles.  We keep it simple so you can quickly understand our fees, and not have to negotiate with each placement.  Our fees are competitive, and our Partners are offered special fee discounts throughout the year, not offered to anyone else. 

  • We do not work with everyone.

    Being an organization solely focused on delivering healthcare staffing solutions, we dedicate all our time and effort to our Partners, hiring companies and job-seekers. EP partners exclusively with a limited number of organizations.  We do this for multiple reasons, but mainly because we are always keeping a keen eye on maintaining a very particular level of quality in our work.

  • We work to change the negative dynamics of the industry.

    There are so many choices when it comes to staffing companies these days and they are not all created equal.  Hiring companies recognize the need and value of strategic, customized solutions tailored specifically for you!  We have personalized our scalable services to step far beyond the normal expectations for a traditional staffing company.  Over time, we look to drive positive change around hiring dynamics and the expectations within.

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“Empowered Partnerships is not a Company, we are a Cause.”

We believe in what we do, and we believe in what you do. We help companies fill their jobs faster because of our emphasis on quality, and only working with those organizations who aren’t looking for a vendor, but instead a partner to help the achieve their recruiting goals.

Are you the next EP Partner? Click here to schedule a time to find out.

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