‘The Bachelorette’ nonchalantly praises mental health care, lessening the stigma on primetime TV

BY: WCPO Staff
POSTED: 2:31 PM, Jun 1, 2017
UPDATED: 2:39 PM, Jun 1, 2017

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We wouldn’t typically recommend turning to The Bachelorette for dating advice, considering most people don’t simultaneously date dozens of strangers.

However, Monday’s episode was notable for a routine date conversation turning into a ringing endorsement of good mental health care.

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay went on her first one-on-one date with 31-year-old businessman Peter Kraus, who said he was single because a failed relationship had left him really confused.

“So, I decided to go see someone for it,” Kraus said. “I saw a relationship therapist, and it actually helped me a lot, and I think it’s helping me a lot now to be more calm in my thoughts.”

The conversation created an instant bond as Lindsay shared a similar struggle.

“I went to a therapist, and it was the best decision that I made that entire year and again, it prepared me to realize what I really want for myself and what wasn’t working for me,” she said.

As the couple beamed, Lindsay immediately reached to give Kraus the rose, ensuring he’d pass on to the next round.