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Do Something Diff

Ok, so by now you must be thinking to yourself,

“What in the world are these girls doing?”

Let’s peel back the proverbial curtain of mystery and talk about what all the hub-bub is all about.

So, here it is.  Plain and simple.

The million-dollar question has always been…

“How can we positively influence patient care through developing the most beneficial hiring and employment situations for everyone?”

Big Idea

It takes just one moment, one organization, and one Outstanding Idea to change everything.

That moment, this organization and our BIG idea has happened.

Now is the time.

So without any further ado…

We at Empowered Partnerships, would like to present to you the RPOColorado Program!


Designed with Every Single Stressor, Pain and Complication of Hiring and/or Employment from the Job-Seeker’s perspective AND the Hiring Company’s perspective in mind, we have developed the Hiring Plan of ALL Plans!

The entire purpose of this program is simply to rethink old norms within hiring/employment practices.

Sounds simple, right?

It is.

It’s common for industry norms to develop, but it doesn’t always make it the best way to do things.

Like everything we do, this program is ALL ABOUT Best Serving the Mental Health Industry!

We ask ourselves, “How can we positively influence patience care through developing the most beneficial hiring and employment practices for both Job-Seekers and Client Partners?”

RPOColorado is our answer to this very question (patent pending).

This program is specifically developed around the complications that most commonly pop up within Non-Profit and Community-Based Organizations, as well as, with for-profit companies.

It’s true.  Some hiring/employment difficulties are more general but in mental health, there are absolutely some are very specific complications and sensitivities related to the market.

This tells us we need a very specific plan to appeal to what the marketplace needs and wants.

RPOColorado is a tiered program which Intertwines Creative, Solution-Focused Hiring Practices with Meaningful, Information-Based Job-Seeker Experiences.  Organizations can make a selection based on their needs and preferences, giving them a 3rd party resource acting as an extension of their recruiting department and leveraging our expertise in the mental health market!

For companies, our ultimate end goal is always to help them fill their openings.  That part has not changed; what has changed is how we approach it.  If we take a step back from the end goal of filling jobs, we see this is often greatly complicated by cultural and social struggles internally and surrounding their organizations making it more problematic to accomplish this goal.

The RPOColorado Program addresses ALL of these issues Head-On and therefore affords us the opportunity to most effectively resolve the issues preventing companies from progressing forward for good!  And, by extension, also teaches the client company how to resolve employment and hiring issues on their own over the long-term.

While Job-Seekers can also rest easy knowing that Empowered Partnerships is Perfectly Positioned to Act as the Most Effective Advocate for every Job-Seeker!

No more, “Sorry, you’re not a fit for this job.” (Hang Up!)  That’s just the beginning of the conversation!

We structured this program to make sure that YOU, the Job-Seeker, have DIRECT ACCESS to the Most High-Quality Opportunities!  Through this model, we are not limited to just one job!

We are also having very different types of conversations about your background with our clients.  It’s a much more open-ended type of dialogue as opposed to a one-way street of vague feedback.

We also have Extensive INSIDER INFO on Who is Hiring and What is Coming for Mental Health!


Part of the RPOColorado program will include Our Continued Activism for Mental and Behavioral Health Professionals!

YOU are our Most Precious Resource in the mental health industry!

Just like anything precious, it’s important you are cared for and attended to by a group that cherishes the Value Each Mental Health Professional Brings to the Community!

We know you are out there every single day devoting your life to the betterment of others…

Let us be the ones to take care of you!


Rights of Employment Fairness Doctrine
CLICK TO VIEW – Rights of Employment Fairness Doctrine

What do you think?

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