Born to be Wasted: 5 Words to Avoid Using in Your LinkedIn Profile for When Looking for A Job

These are generally called “buzz words.”

Buzz words are hollow “filler” words that generally equal sick feeling in the hiring person’s stomach.

Some researchers say you have 6 seconds or less to grab the reader’s attention, so you better make it good.

There are some words that definitely get overused and have a tendency to lose the reader’s interest quickly.  Sometimes the perception can even be that the person didn’t get too creative with writing their profile out.  And minimal effort just isn’t attractive to any hiring manager.

Here’s a list of the top 5 words that tend to create the ‘yuck’ factor for hiring managers…

  • Positive
  • Effective
  • Passionate
  • Experienced
  • Responsible

Other things to cut out immediately include ambiguous information and listing out basic skills.  Filling your profile with vague language doesn’t impress anyone and giving long lists of very rudimentary skill-sets can make it seem like you’re just filling up the page to fill it up (or weighting it down is more like it).

This also includes high school experience and jobs (unless you only graduated from high school), immature email account names (just say no to “sassy”, “sexy” or “dude”), hobbies (unless its volunteering or directly pertains to your job/industry/relative experience) and stating that “References available upon request” (we know).

When in doubt… If there’s no direct value, don’t add it.