Brain Implants and Robotic Hearts: Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan’s Technology Predictions for 2025



In 2005 the idea of virtual reality, 3D printing and driverless cars being readily available within the next 10 years seemed like wishful thinking. However the exponential rate of technological advancement has meant that the distance between science fiction and reality is no longer so vast. As noted Transhumanist and 2016 presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan delivers the Transhumanist Bill of Rights in Washington DC on December 14, IBTimes UK has asked him to look into his crystal ball for the year 2025 and make his top five predictions for the next 10 years.

1. First child with augmented intelligence will be born

“There’s already technologies out there that may improve or outright replace CRISPR gene editing technology but, no matter what happens, genetic editing of the human embryo is here to stay,” Zoltan says. “What’s more, it may well prove to be the most important scientific advancement of the 21st century.

“Through these technologies we will be able to eliminate hereditary disease and improve human performance, but perhaps most importantly, we will be able to improve human intelligence and boost our own IQ – even potentially creating a new generation of Einsteins.”

2. Quadriplegic in an exoskeleton suit to run quicker than the fastest natural sprinter

“Exoskeleton technology is at its infancy right now but because a third of the worlds population suffers from mobility issues, a massive amount of money is going to be poured into these technologies. Last year, a quadriplegic person at the World Cup kicked the first soccer ball, and this is just a sign of things to come.