Specialized Staffing and Executive Search Services for Government Agencies

Empowered Partnerships LLC is a leading provider of talent acquisition and executive search services for mental health and behavioral health in both the Private and Public sectors.  

We are the product of deep respect and admiration for the mental and behavioral health care industry.  It’s with this passion, we have committed ourselves and careers to help employers and professionals thrive.  

We partner with teams across the country to develop strategic hiring plans and tackle tough hiring challenges. We construct in-depth requisition profiles to really get to know the person we are looking for then build a strategically customized hiring action plan to locate the most qualified professional for the position.  

Our clients have been quoted describing our RPO Program as “flexible”, “reliable” and “cost-effective.”  

The Job Seekers we represent come from all areas of mental health and/or behavioral health care.  Empowered Partnerships LLC maintains a large network of candidates from all over the country with experience working in integrated health, outpatient or inpatient care, addiction recovery centers, residential therapy environments, and so many more.  

We take a lot of pride in what we do, the companies we partner with and the candidates we represent.  For us, every open opportunity, each position filled with an eager candidate represents a network of clients and patients who will be able to receive care because of the placement.


  • 79803422
  • 8FT94
  • 561311 - Employment Placement Agencies 
  • 561312 - Executive Search Services 

New Hire Compensation Totals

  • 1,816,7002014
  • 2,955,3002015
  • 1,386,8202016
  • 2,629,4402017
  • 3,850,0292018
  • 6,613,2002019

We have demonstrated success in placing the following types of talent:

  • ABA Professionals (BCBA, RBT, BHT, etc.)
  • Advanced Practice Nurses (PMHNP, APRN, etc.)
  • Psychiatric Nurses (RN)
  • Social Workers (LCSW, LICSW, LSW, etc.)
  • Professional Counselors (LPC, LPCC, etc.)
  • Psychiatric Technicians
  • Chemical Dependency & Substance Use Disorder Counselors
  • Certified Peer Support Professionals
  • Psychologists
  • Marriage & Family Therapists (LMFT, MFT, MFTC, etc.)
  • Residential Counselors
  • And more!


  • Full Replacement Guarantee – If the candidate you selected departs early, we will replace them for free.
  • Industry Expertise – Our Recruiters are specialists and experienced in recruiting for hard to fill mental, behavioral and psychiatric opportunities.
  • Qualified Talent Pool - We maintain a candidate database with over 14,000 (and growing) direct relationships with vetted professionals from coast to coast.
  • Full Transparency – Always know exactly where your positions stand with access to our live dashboard, updated as we work.
  • Above and Beyond - Unique partnership with ZipRecruiter to develop the $1.00 Mental Health Job Board, PsychOpps.com.


We are a mighty boutique firm who does not let our size limit our success.
Hired 33 Behavioral Health Technicians over 2-months
Placed 24 Hard-to-Fill Single Searches
Completed a 90-Hire Project in 6-months
Staffed 72 Counselors over 6-months
Hired 11 Executive-Level Staff
Placed 83 Clinician Positions
Co-Chaired Executive Director Search for Non-Profit
Successfully Hired 9 Psychiatric Nurses Project


  • “EP really blew usaway with they're delivery! We hired more people than expected, faster thanprojected and right on budget."


    "The candidatedata is unmatched... every single call I had with EP they gave me more and moreinformation on what was happening in my market. There is just no way I couldhave found all that out on our own."


    "After searchingfor over a year for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, EP dove in and filled allour open positions in a few months."


    "EP gives us theability to focus on our jobs and let them do all the recruiting for us... Itworks perfectly for us!"


    “I am really pleasedwith our partnership… We are finding that having the focus on recruitment is a100% job – on all the time.  I love the model and truly believe you areour most effective recruitment partner! Thank you for all you do!”


    “EmpoweredPartnerships was a breath of fresh air! We will definitely work with them againwhen we need a strong candidate pipeline.”


    “Thank you, EmpoweredPartnerships, for being our go-to resource. Your help in filling our searcheswas critical to the growing of our company.”


    “EmpoweredPartnerships really understands how to keep it simple.  Way to walk thewalk and not just talk the talk!”


    “We have been workingwith Empowered Partnerships for a few years now and will definitely continue todo so for many years to come.”


    “As a physician mytime really is limited.  I was really impressed with how simple they madethe process.  We hired a difficult position much quicker than expected andI’m very pleased with the quality of candidates we were introduced to throughEmpowered Partnerships.” 


  • “Working withEmpowered Partnerships, you feel you have partners working with you every stepof the way. I would highly recommend Empowered Partnership for anyone looking fora job in mental health.”


    “From the firstinterview to the last step in the process, they communicated with me and helpedme feel comfortable and supported! I couldn’t have gained my new role withoutthem!”


    “Even after notgetting the job I really wanted, I am grateful for Empowered Partnerships' timeand attention. I will definitely be working with them again in the future!”


    “I'm certainly glad Ihad their help during the [interview] process. You guys are great!”


    “Excellent recruitersfrom top to bottom.”


    “I got emails and callsupdating me on what was going on throughout the process. The recruiter couldnot have been nicer. They were with me through the whole process and when weran into a problem, my recruiter worked with me to make sure all the detailswere worked out.”


    “I really appreciatedall their hard work and helping me get into the position I am in now. Keep upthe good work! You guys are rock stars!”


    “I am so grateful forEP’s help! The communication was great, the advice was awesome, and Ireally appreciated their help!”


    “I’ve worked for tempagencies before, but these people are outstanding!”


    “I LOVE EmpoweredPartnerships!”



  • MAIN PHONE: (720) 541-9678

  • EMAIL: contact@empowered-partnerships.com

  • WEBSITE: www.Empowered-PartnershipsGOV.com

  • MAILING ADDRESS: 5610 Ward Road #300

    Arvada, CO 80002