Credentialing Tips for Mental Health Employers

Credentialing Tips for Mental Health Employers

Written by Dani Rice, Co-Founder & Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions ProviderChecklist

Credentialing requirements for Employees in the Mental and Behavioral Health Industry can be tricky, and navigating the requirements is a full time job!  Many companies have individuals or entire divisions dedicated to Credentialing for new hire’s and Employees, and that is a huge help to identify the needs of the company.

But what about the Candidates?  How do organizations help Candidates navigate the process?  It’s easy for Candidates to get discouraged and overwhelmed with the requirements for the Credentialing process. This is disappointing for the Candidates, but also for Employers as a lengthy Credentialing Process can sometimes lead to losing top candidates as they find other jobs while waiting for the Credentialing Process to be complete.

Here are a few tips for Employers to help candidates prepare for the process and not be discouraged.

  •  Inform Candidates of the Process early in the interview stages

Communicating the Credentialing Process early in the interview process allows for an honest delivery about the process itself, and prepares the candidate for each step.  The Credentialing process can take some time, Candidates understand that, but letting them know in advance helps them prepare for the time it will take, and not be surprised when the time comes.

  • Give the Top Three Candidates Credentialing List

This does not need to be an all encompassing list, but giving candidates a general list of documents to start compiling will not only give them time to get the information needed, but will actually speed up the process during Credentialing as they’ll have the documents ready to go!  This is beneficial for both Candidates and the Employers in the long run.

  • Prepare your final candidate for the steps through the Credentialing process

Is there  a Credentialing Panel that meets once per week to review files?  Is there one person that signs off on all the Credentialing for all new hires?  The more information that is disclosed to Candidates, the better the Candidate’s feel about the process.  Candidates looking for jobs in the Mental Health Field understand that Credentialing can take time, however the more they know, the less anxiety the process will be for both the Candidates and the Hiring Managers

  • Communicate. Communicate. Communicate

When a Candidate is in the Credentialing process, it’s best practice to update them weekly on their status.  Even if the update is, “It’s still in process.” The Candidates will appreciate the information. Best practice is to schedule 1/2 hour per week to update Candidates on their Credentialing Process. If it takes less than 1/2 hour to update everyone, then that’s a lovely gift of time for you!

When it comes to Credentialing, Knowledge is power. The more Employers can prepare Candidates for the process and allow them to understand where they are, the fast the process can be completed, and the New Hire can start working with Consumers and making a difference in their lives.