Double Your Impact – A Note from NAMI ($10,000 in 10 Days)


As proud members and supports of NAMI, we would like to pass along the exciting and important email we received just this morning!  I am copying the email exactly as it was written (all links included) so we don’t leave anything out…

The following email is from Mary Gilbert, J.D., Chief Executive Officer of National Alliance on Mental Illness…


We’re kicking Mental Health Month off strong — Double your impact today!

Dear NAMI Supporter,

One in five adults experiences a mental illness, and nearly 60% of them won’t get any mental health services. NAMI is working tirelessly to educate the public and raise awareness about mental illness, because with understanding comes acceptance, compassion…and zero stigma.

This May, we have a special opportunity to shine a light on mental illness.

Mental Health Month kicked off earlier this week, and continued with the lighting of the Empire State Building in New York City in green — the color of hope for mental illness. Now an anonymous family foundation, which cares deeply about improving the lives of people affected by mental illness, has stepped up to help.

In honor of Mental Health Month, this family foundation has offered to match every gift — dollar for dollar — up to $10,000 by May 15. NAMI relies on contributions to support our work, which is why this opportunity is so important.

Your donation of $100 today will go twice as far in removing the stigma of mental illness.

NAMI Supporter, we only have ten days to raise that $10,000. I’m hoping you can help us capture every dollar possible. Your support helps us replace stigma with acceptance and make understanding possible. And now your gift will go twice as far!

Together, we can truly change lives.

Mary Gilbert, J.D., Chief Executive Officer of National Alliance on Mental Illness

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