Solutions Designed for Mental and Behavioral Health Searches

We offer a variety of partnership arrangements customized around employer’s specific needs and goals



Do you struggle to keep a steady flow of interested and qualified industry candidates walking in your door?

Engaged Search Solutions for Employers


All solutions are tailored to the unique requirements and goals of each individual project.

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Focus on Direct Sourcing & Candidate Generation

Receive pre-qualified and interested candidates in your inbox. Outsource direct sourcing responsibilities and start receiving pre-vetted submittals quickly. Weekly check-ins to stay on target. Switch jobs out as needed. Cancel anytime.


Minimize Risk Without Sacrificing Quality

Enjoy less risk, while also engaging with a dedicated team providing pre-vetted candidate submittals and support through the employer’s interview process. Engage a team of Recruitment Specialists committed to delivering on your searches until each one is filled. Receive qualified submittals and support services with the employer’s interview process, licensure verifications, etc. Each hire includes a guarantee of a free replacement.


A Comprehensive Outsourced Recruiting Department At Your Fingertips

Full-service partnership providing employers with the most support available through every piece of the process. Complete brand representation, transparent real-time candidate activity data sharing, pre-screening and interview process completion, scheduling assistance, hiring process and policy consultation. Guarantees included.

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