Staffing Fees Made Simple In the Year of the Monkey

Empowered Partnerships LLC believes that the cost of Recruitment Services should be clear, easy and fair.  That’s why we offer a simple pricing structure which allows for everyone to have a clear understanding of the fees and negotiate a contract up front.  We do this so at anytime, at any point in the process when our Client Partners have a need or something changes, EP is ready to jump in and help out without having to negotiate for each placement.

The typical pricing structure includes the following:
• One direct hire fee, a percentage of the annual salary with a Guarantee period
• One markup fee for Contract / PRN or Contract to hire roles

There is NO up-front fee, increased pricing for different roles, nor does EP charge a single penny to the Candidates.
It’s typical EP practice to start with a 6-month contract to ensure that both EP and their Partners are good fits for each other!  Once it’s determined that there is a valued partnership, additional discounts, special offers and annual contracts are offered.

Because you are working directly with the Owners of the organization, our Client Partners are allowed special pricing structures that fit their unique, particular needs.  We create customized solutions, depending on what our Client partners needs are.  This includes all-inclusive RPO pricing for short term assistance, or customized volume discounts for a specific need.

Partners are also offered special discounts on a regular basis that are only available and offered to them.

Empowered Partnerships takes pride in offering a simple, fair and easily understood pricing structure for all of their Partners, and does so intentionally so the focus can be on finding top quality candidates as quickly as possible for their Partner’s needs.

Are you the next EP Partner?

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