Recruitment Partner to the Mental Health Industry


Written by Dani Rice, Co-Founder & Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions Provider

Empowered Partnerships is a Recruitment Firm & Creative Hiring Solutions Partner to the Mental and Behavioral Health Industry.

This singular focus and dedication to the industry allows for Organizations to expect so much more than a typical Recruitment firm.

The Mental and Behavioral Health industry has unique requirements, and requires special attention when recruiting.

There are many facets that most Recruitment firms miss as they are not required in other Healthcare or General recruiting arenas.  It’s not just about if a candidate has the experience, but do they have the correct experience, with the correct population and with the correct and active Licenses required to do the job?

The jobs in the Mental & Behavioral Health industry require a high level of specialization, each and every time.

With each and every position Empowered Partnerships represents, there is a full clarification of the Licensure required, the years of experience working with a specific population, the level of education, as well as the culture fit with both the team and the Consumers.  It’s important to match all of these in order to have a successful fit on all sides.

Each and every candidate submitted for consideration from EP has been fully interviewed, including verification of Licenses.

Empowered Partnerships is proud to have a singular focus on this industry, which helps so many. As Ashley Lane McKelvey, Co-Founder & Chief Mental Health Employment Connector, coined:

“We are more than just a Company….We are a Cause.”

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