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Do you struggle with building the best resume?

You’re not alone. 

Working with job seekers for the past 10+years, I’ve found most people find it stressful and difficult to write their own resume.  Myself included.  We’re basically talking about shameless self-promotion here and that in itself can be tough to do.

When someone would comment on how they wished a resume included “X” or they would have liked to see “Y” in their resume, my response used to be,

“Well, we’re not hiring professional resume writers.”

But you can!

In building, Empowered Partnerships wanted to be sure to bring you as many helpful resources as possible.  For job seekers, this includes resources to help you write the best resume imaginable.

In our efforts to do this, we partnered with TopResume, a company that offers resume reviewing and writing services for job seekers! 

A better resume means a more successful job search.  Get your resume evaluated for free, and see where you stand.

Your resume is one of your most important job-search tools. Make sure it tells your best story, so you can look as good as possible—on paper.


With TopResume’s free evaluation, you get:

ReviewA confidential, comprehensive review from trusted experts.

FeedbackObjective feedback on how well your resume communicates your skills & expertise.

PersonalisedPersonalized recommendations on how to make your resume stronger.


Job seekers with profiles on PsychOpps, have the ability to opt-in to receive a free resume critique and free resume advice on how you can build the most standout resume for your job search!

In addition to resume writing, TopResume also offers development and design services for your cover letter and LinkedIn profile!  So, you can present the best all-around presentation of your skills, abilities and all the attributes you bring to the table!


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