What to Expect From Your Mental and Behavioral Health Recruitment Firm
    • We pair the ideal candidates in the mental and behaviorhealth field with the employer that fits their goals and skillset
    • We become partners with employers seeking professionals inthe mental health industry
    • We take our passion for the field of mental health andcombine it with our expertise in recruiting.
    • The increasing shortage of talented mental healthprofessionals to fill critical positions in Denver and Colorado has led to an ongoing need for our full-service recruitment that specializes in mental andbehavioral health.

    • We follow a data-driven recruitment and outsourcing processfor our mental healthcare staffing
    • Jobs in mental health are expected to increase by 30% by2022 (BLS, 2016)
    • The duration of a vacancy in health services positions has increasedfrom 33.1 days to 51.3 days between 2013 and 2017. (DHI GROUP, 2016)
    • 27 States report a shortage of child and adolescentpsychiatrists (The National Council)

    • We provide a dedicated team of mental health staffingexperts to provide choices and fill your positions as quickly as possible.
    • We offer a devoted team that brings expertise in recruitingmental and behavioral health professionals.
    • We work side-by-side with our clients to make sure thehiring process suits their needs and fill the open mental health positionsproperly.

    • We meet with employers to identify your top recruiting goals
    • We match the jobs with high-quality talent
    • We help employers and human resources departments understandall our recruiting and onboarding practices
    • We make long term plans for your future mental andbehavioral health recruiting and staffing needs

  • We can fill a variety of positions tailored the specifichiring needs of each mental health employer nationwide. We work with the hiringmanagers and human resources personel to fill a variety of job categories:

    • Social Work Jobs
    • Licensed Therapist Jobs
    • Case Manager Jobs
    • Psychiatric Nursing Jobs
    • Mental Health Clinician Jobs
    • Licensed Professional Counselor Jobs
    • Behavioral Health Jobs
    • And more.

  • We have partnered with a wide array of mental health centersand employers and placed mental health clinicians in a variety of positions andplaces. A few examples of places we have filled job opportunities include:

    • Mental Health Center of Denver
    • Jefferson Center for Mental Health
    • AspenPointe
    • Mental Health Partners
    • SummitStone Health Partners
    • And more.

  • Empowered Partnerships has been helping companies find greatcandidates for industry employers in multiple areas including:

    • Psychiatric Nursing (RN, NP, APRN, PMHNP)
    • Social Workers (LSW, LCSW, LICSW, etc.)
    • Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC, LPCC, LCPC, etc.)
    • Marriage and Family Counselors and Therapists (LMFT, MFTC, etc.)
    • ABA Applied Behavior Analysis (BCBA, RBT, BHT)
    • Residential Counselors
    • Case Managers
    • And more. 

  • Employers in the mental health services and behavioralhealth arena are trying to hire healthcare workers, fill licensed registerednurse and psychiatric nurse positions, and bring on the best mental healthcounselors, therapists and psychologists they can find. Recruiting across manyhealth-related professions if very complicated. We bring our specializedexpertise in mental and behavioral health staffing to your human resourcesdepartment and work closely with you.

    Our goal and skill is in bringing highly qualified mentaland behavioral health personnel to you so that you can determine if they fit into your environment and can serve your patients and clients in a way that helpsthem.

    We know that the turnover rate for mental healthpractitioners is relatively high. If you are looking to fill your industry jobs,we are here to make sure that the match between the employer and the job seekeris as ideal as possible. We connect those looking for jobs at mental healthfacilities and providers who need help finding these great candidates to filltheir open mental and behavioral health positions.

    We have a passion for mental health recruiting and behaviorhealth staffing. We want to bring superior candidates to work for greatemployers in the field of mental health services.

  • Companies that provide medical services need to hireprofessionals such as medical doctors, specialists, registered nurses andhealth administrators. These hospitals and medical practices very often havethe process to hire healthcare workers finely tuned. These skill sets aredifferent when applied the mental and behavioral health staffing in Denver,Colorado and Nationally.

    Hiring a psychiatric nurse isdifferent than hiring a registered nurse. Hiring a psychologist is differentthat hiring a medical assistant. Discerning the fit for a clinical counselor inDenver is different than determining if a nurse practitioner will work well ina private practice. That is why a healthcare staffing agency specializes inmedical staffing and finding healthcare professionals, whereas EmpoweredPartnerships specializes in finding career opportunities for mental healthproviders who search for jobs in the mental health arena.

    Our passion and expertise is in mental and behavioral healthstaffing and recruiting. We know how to determine the best fit for a candidatein this area. It is a different mindset and skillset that needs to beresearched and explored by experts and mental health staffing. We have thatexpertise and find great satisfaction in matching superior job seekers withgreat mental health employers.


We have a whole queue of qualified mental & behavioral health talent waiting for you. Empowered Partnerships offers multiple options to employers focused on direct sourcing and recruitment support. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. 

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