Get a Job During the Holidays

Many job seekers tend to feel that hiring slows down during the holidays.  For some companies this may be true, but for most, they ramp up their hiring needs. 

Some companies even feel the slower holidays season provides for more time to dedicate to the hiring process.

If you are unsure about how active you should be in looking for a job during the holidays, here are some reason to consider…



Employers are Hiring

Just because the year is coming to an end, doesn’t mean there is not work to be done.  For many employers, there is more going on at the end of the year.  They are closing down the last year and getting prepared for the next year. 


Networking Opportunities Abound

Everywhere there are social and professional networking opportunities happening.  Use these opportunities to connect with people who might be able to connect you with the company or job you are looking for.


Time to Connect

Holiday cards and messages are the thing to do during the holiday season. Use this time to send happy holiday messages to your connections and the people you would like to connect with to establish a relationship.  You can do this on all social media networks, including LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.


Temporary or Seasonal Jobs Can Become Long-Term

A job well-done is always appreciated and has the potential to go longer-term or even become a lasting position.  If you make a great impression on the employer, you may find that you are offered a more long-term opportunity once the season is over.


Less Competition

Due to the often-false idea that employers slow down their hiring during the holidays, many job seekers use that time to take a break from their search.  While this does allow them to focus on family, friends and enjoying the holiday season (which has its benefits), this also means less competition with other job seekers for those who do continue their job search. 

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