#GetInvolvedChallenge :: CHAMPS Volunteers with Mental Health Centers of Denver (MHCD)

MHCD Mission Statement: Enriching lives and minds by focusing on strengths and recovery.

The Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD) is a private, not-for-profit, 501 (c) (3), community mental health care organization providing comprehensive, recovery-focused services to more than 7,500 residents in the Denver metro area each year. Founded in 1989, MHCD is Colorado’s leading provider and key health care partner in the delivery of outcomes-based mental health services.

MHCD offers a broad array of mental health services while specializing in the treatment of serious and persistent mental illness. MHCD has more than 30 convenient locations throughout metro-Denver where children, families and adults of all ages access high-quality services in neighborhood and community-based settings including clinics, day care centers, schools and at home.


CHAMPS Volunteers are bringing new skills to the Mental Health Center of Denver! CHAMPS – Caring Hands and Minds Providing Support…

  • to the 2Succeed in Education and Employment programs
  • to A New Day Resource Center
  • to the Horticulture Therapy Program
  • as greeters for the Mental Health Center of Denver Recovery Center
  • to wherever your skill set leads you!

Do you want to be a CHAMPS Volunteer? The Mental Health Center of Denver would be happy to help you get started… Please fill out the information below:

For additional information, please contact Joanne Aiello, Manager of Event Planning and Volunteers at 303.504.6732 or joanne.aiello@mhcd.org.