#GetInvolvedChallenge :: Volunteer with Mental Health Partners in Boulder


Mental Health Partners utilizes the skills, interests, and commitment of volunteers in many different areas. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and their assets are invaluable in increasing the range and quality of our services. They also provide clients with a sense of being part of the larger community.

We encourage anyone with time and interest to consider working with us.  Generally, our volunteer commitments require a minimum of three hours a week for a minimum of four months with the exception of volunteering for a special event. Some university programs offer credit as part of a field placement or similar class, and volunteering is a great way to gain experience for graduate school or future employment.

Opportunities for Volunteers include, but are not limited to:

All direct service volunteers receive supervision from experienced staff.  To apply for a volunteer opportunity, please download the application or (PDF) and upon completion, mail it to: Mental Health Partners 1333 Iris Ave. Boulder, CO 80304, Attn: Volunteer Coordinator.

Contact us at volunteer@mhpcolorado.org  for additional information or questions about volunteering.


Testimonials from Past Volunteers

“As a former teacher who is returning to school to study counseling psychology, I volunteered to become a Youth Advocate in early 2011 because I was inspired to continue to work with children in a new and different role and to to create a deeper feeling of connection with my community. Since joining the YA program, I have felt incredibly supported by the Mental Health Partner’s staff and by my fellow Youth Advocates, which has allowed me to not only be successful in building a positive relationship with my mentee but also to support my own development, from my increasing ability to communicate effectively to expanding my capacity for empathy.”

“Each week, I spend a few hours with my mentee, often playing in a park or reading books together at the library. We also have created our own card games as well as stories, using stuffed animals and puppets to act out our adventures. Whatever the activity, I find our time together to be truly rewarding because I see the trust and bond and sense of community that we are collectively creating.”

Steven Moore

Volunteer Youth Advocate

“I really enjoy being a Youth Advocate. In the two and a half years since I started volunteering with the program I have had the opportunity to work with three great kids – one in high school and two in lower elementary. They have all been a lot of fun. The latest kid that I have been working with is six years old. It has been an honor for me to see him grow from a small pre-schooler, to a kindergartener and now a BIG first grader. The time has not always been easy for him and so it is nice knowing that I am able to provide a sense of support for him and be a positive presence in his life.”

“One thing that I have really appreciated about the Youth Advocate program is the level of support given to each volunteer. In addition to the regular supervision meetings there is ample opportunity for getting in touch with therapists and other mental health professionals related to the child’s case. During the last year I have been in regular contact with my mentee’s therapist, which has been very helpful in terms of my being able to provide adequate support to him through the challenges that he faces. I would highly recommend the Youth Advocate program to anyone looking to make a positive difference in someone else’s life.”

Ben Hueftle

Volunteer Youth Advocate