Getting to the Root

Our Client Partners in the Mental Health industry are ready for something new. They are ready for a change. Ready to get down to the root of the Recruiting Problems, and bring in the best talent possible for their consumers.

Empowered Partnerships didn’t develop RPO Colorado for the masses. Some organizations aren’t ready for RPO Colorado, and that’s OK.

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RPO Colorado was created for the those unique, progressive companies who want a partner to work along side of them.

These progressive Organizations approach Recruiting Outsourcing in the way that works best for them:

  • Outsource a new division, and EP handles all openings for the new location.
  • Outsourcing a specific group of positions, example: Psych RN’s
  • Outsourcing a specific location, helping identify the problems in a high turnover location
  • Outsourcing all Recruiting needs to act as an the Recruiting Department when needed

RPO Colorado is scalable and works for small organizations, with a few clinics; all the way up to National organizations with multiple sites in each state.  Each organization can benefit from a partnership and outsourcing approach.

We’re not for everyone…

But we may be perfect for you.

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