Where to go, When You’re Looking for High-Volume Candidate Flow

Are you a hiring manager or company that seems to never be able to find enough of the right kind of candidates?

Do you often have multiple shifts and schedules you need filled and can’t seem to keep enough qualified candidates in process?

You’re not alone.  We knew of some organizations who were feeling the same way.

As a solution, Empowered Partnerships came up with a brand-new Sourcing-Only Option which focuses on cracking this case.

The purpose of this option is to offer clients the highest volume of qualified candidates possible.

With Sourcing-Only, you can choose the number of openings you would like to have qualified candidates submitted for and profiles of your ideal candidates will be created.

From there, Empowered Partnerships will direct source many professionals who fit the criteria given and complete initial vetting of them to verify details.  The ones that meet all the requirements set out by you (the client), will then be submitted over to you!

Then, you decide if you want to move forward with them or not!

This differs from our RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) option in two ways:

  • The RPO option tends to be more targeted for Hiring Managers who are not looking for as much volume in submitted candidates. You still want qualified candidates, but for example, maybe you don’t have as many openings or shifts to fill.
  • RPO option offers more involvement from Empowered Partnerships during the interview process. If you are in need of more help during the interview process (i.e. schedules interviews for the hiring manager, completes reference/background checks, etc.), then the RPO option is likely the best option for you.

Pricing for both options are based on the number of openings you would like to have qualified candidates submitted for and has been created to be highly competitive with traditional staffing options.


Whether you have 5 openings or 50, we have a solution for you!

Contact Empowered Partnerships LLC today to discuss what works best for you company and hiring needs!