We are Growing – “Work Hard in Silence, Let Your Success Be Your Noise.” -Frank Ocean


We are growing faster and faster each day!

It was 2 short weeks ago that we were minus about 100 members and crossing over the 500 Member mark!

Our petition for a national Mental Health Professional’s Day has also been growing quickly, obtaining 100 signatures in less than 24 hours!

It seems obvious to me this is a testament to the growing interest and sharing of knowledge about mental illnesses, mindfulness and the overall recognition of the need for positive mental health in one’s life.  The stigma is breaking down!  This means the long-held negative perceptions of what it means to receive mental health care or to be diagnosed with any one of the millions of mental health conditions of which we have slapped defeating labels on, is finally crumbling apart.

It is not to say that because of the interest, all things negative are becoming positive.  It’s just not the case yet.  ‘Yet’ is the key word here.  No, our world may not be there ‘yet,’ but we are certainly on our way and the growing interest in this group, the developing list of signatures to help our nation recognize the professionals dedicating their lives and careers to the better of others… it’s all making a difference!


Please join us in signing the petition for a nationally recognized Mental Health Professional’s Day!


Help Us Create a National Mental Health Professional’s Day!




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