Happy 5-Year Anniversary to Empowered Partnerships LLC

Happy Birthday, Empowered Partnerships LLC!


The original founders of Empowered Partnerships LLC (from left to right: Ashley Lane Boyle, Dani Rice)

I cannot begin to explain how full my heart is right at this moment.  

It was 5 years ago this month, myself and Dani Rice decided to start our very own Mental Health Staffing company.  Fast forward to today and a lot has changed, people have come and gone but one thing remains the same…

Our dedication to serving the companies and professionals that embody the mental and behavioral health community. 

Oh and me.  I’m still here, of course.  🙂


In the last 5 years, Empowered Partnerships LLC has…

  • Developed a tested and proven RPO Program which enjoys a 95% fill success rate
  • Successfully placed 140+ Job Seekers in new positions
  • Placed a total of $6.6+ Million in annual salary compensation
  • Served hiring companies in 8 different states across the USA
  • Placed professionals in positions totaling over 300,000+ hours in billable revenue for mental & behavioral health companies
  • Personally hosted 2 Mental Health Focused Charity events, culminating in over $7,200 in donations to Denver-local mental and behavioral health nonprofit organizations 
  • Served on the Board of Directors for a Colorado Peer Support nonprofit organization
  • Started a petition for a National Mental Health Professionals Day (May 20th proposed date) and personally collected over 630+ signatures
  • Became active members of Political Advocacy groups looking to develop legislation around mental and behavioral health care in Colorado
  • Volunteered with and attended numerous events spreading positive mental wellness awareness


Empowered Partnerships LLC was started in February 2014, after completing a contract with a community-based mental health center in Denver, CO. 

Through that experience, Dani and I were deeply touched by the professionals who dedicated their lives and careers to the betterment of others.  We were also struck by the profound desire by the mental health organization to provide the most superior care possible and the most comprehensive opportunities for their employees. 

One thing was absolutely certain: we knew we wanted to play a role in and contribute to this industry in whatever way we could.

It didn’t take long for our purpose to become clear.  

From that day forward, it has been our unchanging mission to bring progressive and budget-friendly recruiting solutions to companies seeking mental health or behavioral health professionals.  


Mental and behavioral health is not just a thing of fashion, soon to pass with the next big phase. 

It’s a conscious choice we make everyday to care for ourselves mentally and emotionally in the same we do our physical bodies.  

The companies and professionals working within this industry deserve the best in their hiring and employment processes.  We see it as our privilege and pleasure to provide staffing and recruitment process outsourcing services to the organizations and professionals in this industry.

As a national RPO Provider, Empowered Partnerships LLC partners with organizations across the country seeking highly-qualified mental and/or behavioral health professionals in a highly-competitive market.  We have developed a tested and proven practice we walk our partner companies through which…

  • Helps identify unseen hiring challenges
  • Formulates a seamless and tailored approach to the hiring process focused on creating a positive candidate experience 
  • Offers regular real-time job seeker activity data and reporting, specifically applying to hiring positions, geographic area, etc. 
  • Cultivates immediate activity through our extensive living-breathing candidate network
  • And develops a strategic and specific direct sourcing-focused action plan and brand/opportunity marketing engagement agenda


It is our goal in every project to guide our partners through progressive hiring practices to becoming the employer of choice in their market or niche.  

We are extremely proud of the work we have done and companies we have partnered with!

Here are a few photos of Empowered Partnerships LLC, activities and our events over the last 5 years…

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Thank you for 5 amazing years in business!  We’re looking forward to many more years of making a positive impact of mental and behavioral health hiring. 


If your company is planning to hire any number of mental or behavioral health professional this year, we would be excited to talk with you!  

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