Happy Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Happy Mental Health Awareness Week!

This really is one of the most important weeks of the year, for everyone on this planet. Mental and behavioral health is a topic touching people of all ethnicities, religions, colors and creeds. Thankfully, awareness of mental or behavioral health-related issues are becoming more common place in our daily conversations. For the sake of our individual, children’s, community’s and nation’s future, we need this trend to continue.

As a wife, mom, business owner and general “I can do it” kind of gal, I have personally suffered from stress-related depression, social anxiety, and a major bout of postpartum depression. I wear each of these labels as badges of honor. They are my battle scars of bravery, courage and self-love. However, I could never have come to this perspective without the many others who have bravely shared their experiences before me.

We join together this week to honor the brave people who stand up to speak their truth and we honor those who can’t, the ones who dedicate their lives (and even entire careers) to the cause and the many, many who suffer under the weight of a mental or behavioral-related illness.

We are all we need!


Happy Mental Health Awareness Week, 


Ashley Lane Boyle, CIR

CEO, Empowered Partnerships LLC

Creator, PsychOpps.com


Twitter: Empower_Partner



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