Happy Mental Health Professional’s Day (Today, May 20th)

Mental Health Professional's Day Banner with Flowers May 2017

Last year, Empowered Partnerships created a special holiday just to celebrate you! Since then, EP also started a petition to create a National Holiday, called Mental Health Professional’s Day! We have collected almost 500 signatures (online and in-person)! But that’s not going to be enough. We need at least 10,000 signatures for local government to start paying attention to the petition.

You and your work are worth celebrating AND creating a Mental Health Professional’s Day will bring more awareness to Mental Health issues and needs in the community.

You can Make an Impact!

Sign the Mental Health Professional’s Day Petition

Each and every mental/behavioral health professional is such an important part of the Mental Health Community! Its about time we created a day to celebrate you, while bringing awareness to the cause!

Thank you for all you do!

Your friend,

Want to do even more? Join our cause by sharing on social media why mental health matters, or share valuable mental health resources with your community.

Happy Mental Health Professional’s Day to you!