How do Temp Staffing Agencies Work?

Temporary Staffing Agencies, also known as “Temp Agencies”, are companies that develop employment agreements with employers to supply contractors and assist in the hiring/employment for temporary or temporary-to-hire based assignments.

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A Temp Staffing Agency has two main goals.

#1 Provide contractor employees to their employers.

#2 Keep their contractors working on assignments.

Temp Staffing Agencies will seek to accomplish both goals simultaneously in order to be efficient and productive for both their clients (the employers) and customers (the contractors).

So, how do Temp Staffing Agencies do this?

There are a few ways a Temp Staffing Agency will work to connect employers with contractors.

First, there will be what we at Empowered Partnerships LLC call, a “Kick-Off.”  A Kick-Off is a call between the Temp Staffing Agency and either the employer or the candidate in which the Temp Staffing Agency the foundation and groundwork are established.

With an employer, the Temp Staffing Agency will discuss their opportunities and collect as many details as possible with the ultimate goal of establishing the profile of the ideal hire for the position.  With a candidate or job seeker, the Temp Staffing Agency will do something similar except the focus is on what the candidate is looking for in an assignment, what they’re specific skills or talents they bring to the table and any restrictions or limitations they may have (i.e. available work hours, etc.)

Following the Kick-Off call, the Temp Staffing Agency will then utilize their own unique process of playing matchmaker of the employer to candidate/contractor.  This will likely include some screening and follow-up conversations with candidates to further vet their skill sets.

The next step of the process is On-Boarding.  Most Temp Staffing Agencies will handle most, if not all, of the employee onboarding process, as well as, set up any required paperwork, usually including the background checks and drug screenings.

From there, a start date will be set and the candidate, now known as the Contractor, will begin working for the employer as if they were the employer’s own internal employee, operating on-site and working directly under the supervision of the employer’s team.

During the assignment, the Temp Staffing Agency will maintain the Contractor, ensuring they are getting paid on-time and appropriately for the hours worked.

For more information on the step-by-step process, Temp Staffing Agencies go through, see our article, “What does the temp hiring process look like? Step-by-Step.”


Are you considering bringing on new employees and thinking about what temps could offer your business?  If you are considering building your team or adding on additional support for incoming projects, let us know.

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Empowered Partnerships LLC provides temporary, contract, and contract-to-hire personnel to healthcare and dental employers from coast to coast.  We have a wide variety of skilled specialty staff ready to work for you. 

No matter if you are looking for temporary/contract workers, contract-to-hire personnel, direct hire staff, direct sourcing support, retained recruitment assistance, or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services, we offer many different options to help employers hire and continue to grow.

If you are interested in learning more about temporary, and contractor staffing options, please contact us at or view more information about our services on our Employer’s Staffing Services page.


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