How to Know If A Career in Mental Health Is Right for You

Is Empowered Partnerships Career Right For You

To have a career in mental health, you need not only professional knowledge – you also need to possess a specific set of personality traits and you need to be driven by a strong motivation to help others. Here are some of the most important traits that you will need:

  • An open-minded attitude – mental health patients are usually difficult to communicate with, so you need an open-minded attitude to be able to see the suffering person behind the symptoms and to make sense of the patient’s reactions;
  • A great team player – whatever area of mental health care you choose, you will need to collaborate closely with other professionals and to collaborate efficiently with them to ensure a high level care for your patients;
  • Compassion and empathy – perhaps the most important trait for anyone in health care is the ability to put yourself into the shoes of the patients and to provide the care that they need;
  • The ability and the willingness to work hard – hard work is required during the educational phase as well as later, when you are already employed and most probably facing a huge workload;
  • The ability to stay objective – you can pursue a career in mental health care only if you are able to reserve judgement, to separate yourself from stereotypes and to adopt a professional attitude.  Find out more at