Identify Top Talent with Behavioral Interviews

Behavioral Interviews

Behavioral Interviews:

How Integrating Behavioral Interview Questions can Identify Top Hires

Written by Dani Rice, Co-Founder & Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions Provider

Behavioral Interviewing is very effective in identifying top talent. The idea behind Behavioral Interviewing is that past behavior predicts future behavior. The questions are open-ended, and focused on understanding a job seeker’s experience and response to specific situations.

The key with behavioral interviews is preparation. Prepare job seekers by letting them know they’ll be presented with situational questions, and asked about how they handled them. 

Specifically for the Mental and Behavioral Health industry, create questions that target the specific situations in the role. For example, if the role is in a Crisis Center, specifically targeting how they have dealt with crisis situations.

Prepare the job seeker what specifically what is expected in the response. In the response, request the job seeker to explain the following:

  1. Explain the situation
  2. Discuss the tactic and approach in solving the problem or approaching the situation
  3. Review the end result

Don’t rush the job seeker as it can sometimes take a few moments for a them to think about a specific example. It’s imperative as interviewers to allow for this time instead of rushing the job seeker to answer.

Contact Empowered Partnerships to learn about how to craft strong behavioral interview questions, and how they can help identify a top candidates.

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