Infographic: Mental Health Hiring Projections for 2019

Both the mental health and employment industries went through a great deal of different changes last year.


No matter if you are planning on hiring 1 or 50 mental or behavioral health professionals, you are going to need to know what you are up against and how to be competitive with job seekers.



Companies looking to hire mental or behavioral health professionals in 2019 are being met with new challenges they have not faced before.  A highly candidate-driven market combined with a low supply of qualified candidates too small and too slowly growing to keep up with the increasing demand for them.  Compounded by constant new company and culture branding, the emergence of social recruitment, new AI recruiting trends and all the other new and fashionable ways companies are just trying to stay competitive in hiring.  It easy to get caught up, spend too much money and be left with your head spinning. 

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Empowered Partnerships LLC is looking to slow that spinning, get a hold on the hiring challenges you are facing and start building a solution-based focus.  We are an RPO Service Provider 100% dedicated to mental and behavioral health hiring. 

If you are looking to hire any number of mental or behavioral health professionals in 2019, we want to talk to you!


Stay tuned for RPO & Mental Health Hiring video series which will combine these two topics to help solve some of those complex hiring problems and challenges out there within these two industries.

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Ashley Lane Boyle

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