Interested in Relocating to Steamboat Springs?


Life in Steamboat is amazing!  The amazing wildlife, the many fun outdoor activities that happen year-round, the peaceful setting and slower pace of life…  No matter the season, you cannot help but be swept up in the beauty of the scenery.  Yet, many who choose to relocate there after living in larger cities and at lower elevations can find it to be, well… challenging.

If you are not familiar with Steamboat, it is a rural mountain town about 3.5 hours from Denver Metro.  It is known as a ski, resort town which is very attractive to some, but some staff have found this to be rather challenging to adjust to the rural living environment.  We have a City Market, Safeway and a very small Walmart (2nd smallest in the nation), which sums up the shopping options.  Most items are purchased through the mail (Fedex and Amazon Prime become your new best friends).  The nearest city with many amenities is 3.5 hours away.  Housing can be challenging.  It is difficult to find a place to rent (very limited inventory) and buying a home is just as challenging.


We share all this to be certain you are aware of the challenges.

The good news is you wake up everyday in the most beautiful surroundings, with a community that values clean/healthy balanced lifestyle.  In addition, we are working with a progressive Substance Abuse Program in the area who is in an exciting development phase of growth!

Through an integrative approach, our client provides the most complete addiction treatment care.  They are an outstanding organization which promotes creative patient care and experiential care for long-term recovery that lasts a lifetime.  This is your opportunity to work with a company that actually does things differently.  Through the consistent practice of group, individual and experientially therapy in combination with the highest quality nutrition from a personal chef who caterers to all needs, each participant is given all the tools and support they need through this very difficult life change.





Population 12,044

Elevation 6,695 feet (Downtown)

Most residents are 25-34 Years old

$450,000 Average cost of a Single Family Residence

$54,218 Median Household Income

65.86% Homes Owned vs. 34.14% Homes Rented

Nearby cities include Oak Creek, CO & Hayden, CO

Climate: Summers are mild, cool and dry. July is the hottest month with an average high of 82 degrees and low of 41 degrees. Low humidity and elevation combine to make the summer comfortable and pleasing.


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