Interview Coordination: Let Us Do That For You!

Written by Dani Rice, Co-Founder and Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions Provider

When it comes to all the recruiting details Let’s Be Honest

You don’t have time, nor should you, have to do all the little details. 

You’ve Hired us…So let us do that for you!

Once an organization a has partnered with Empowered Partnerships, they are more than just a “client” they are a partner.

As a Client Partner of Empowered Partnerships, organizations receive a high level of service on their outsourced job openings. However, Recruiting doesn’t stop once a candidate has been identified. EP believes that in order for a partnership to be the most effective we help throughout the entire process.

One way we do this is to take all the interview coordination tasks off of your plate. Allowing you to focus on  your consumers.

Once the hiring manager decides to interview a submitted candidate for a role, Empowered Partnerships manages the interview scheduling and coordination. We also ensure the Job Seeker has all the information they need for the interview.

This takes the scheduling off of the hiring manager so they can focus on their work, knowing the interview is all set up.

Interview coordination is for all interviews throughout the process including initial phone interviews, in person interviews, site visits and team interviews. We’re here to help through the entire process.

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