Interview Questions for Mental Health Counselors

written by Dani Rice, Co-Founder & Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions Provider

As the need for qualified and experienced Mental Health Counselors increase across the country, it is getting harder and harder to find and identify top talent.interview

In order to make sure that the interviewing team is prepared to find the perfect fit for the organization, the team and the Consumers, it’s important to identify some key questions to ask future team members.

Teena Rose, of Interviewing Strategies, developed the following list of Interview Questions specifically developed for Mental Health Counselors. These help foster discussion and give a greater insight into a future team members approach to Mental Health.

Interview Questions for Mental Health Counselors

  • If you were in charge of the National Institute of Mental Health, what would be the first thing you would do to address the severe shortage of mental health treatment in this country?
  • Who sets the pace of therapeutic change?
  • How do you develop a therapeutic alliance?
  • What methods do you use when facilitating treatment adherence?
  • Is there any type of client you refuse to treat?
  • How do you ensure continued professional growth?
  • How should we address the increase in serious mental illness among college students?
  • Have you ever found yourself “mothering” a client?
  • What is one of your biggest growing edges as a mental health professional?
  • Do you practice in your own life that which you find important for your clients?
  • Is counseling more an art of a science?
  • How do you make sure to match the pace of the session to the client’s needs?
  • Have you ever used an approach that wasn’t evidence-based?
  • Are you more solution-focused or process-oriented?
  • What is your definition of an authentic human being?
  • Have you ever found yourself expressing intolerance for a patient?
  • How do ensure appropriate self-disclosure?
  • Give an example of a time you used silence in a session.
  • Discuss the following: Therapeutic alliance trumps theory.
  • Do you always have an intended outcome when working with a client?
  • Do you seek systematic feedback from your clients about outcomes?

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