Introducing EP’s 30-Day Get Involved Denver Challenge #getinvolvedchallenge

Twenty Sixteen came quickly!

With such an amazing 2015 behind us, Empowered Partnerships LLC is looking forward to the New Year with New Resolutions and New Initiatives focused around diving positive change within mental health care staffing.

As January progresses, we will be bringing you a very special challenge that is extremely near and dear to our hearts.  This particular challenge is centered around taking steps to positively influence the world around us (aka DENVER)!

We proudly introduce you to our very first…

30-Day Get Involved Denver Challenge


Each weekday, Empowered Partnerships LLC will feature in our blog volunteer opportunities and/or local non-profit with opportunities with availability for you to participate.  Those who chose to participate in the challenge will be asked to chose at least one (1) volunteer opportunity from all the fantastic opportunities and organizations introduced over the course of the challenge and simply GET INVOLVED!

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