Learn about the future of American technology from Megan Smith and Amac at Disrupt SF

Posted 8/10/2016 by

Original Article Published on TechCrunch.com 


There’s no doubt that technology has drastically evolved since President Barack Obama took office in 2008. Obama acknowledged it himself during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit this year — while on stage with Mark Zuckerberg, he mentioned using “this new thing called MySpace” on the campaign trail.

But the popularity of Myspace certainly isn’t the only thing that’s changed since 2008. The White House has been hard at work bringing Silicon Valley-style shakeups to government bureaucracy. We’re excited to announce that two of the leading figures in the advancement of tech in government — U.S. Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith and U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer Alexander Macgillivray, a.k.a. amac — will be joining us onstage at Disrupt SF to discuss their work.

Smith and Macgillivray work in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and their time on the Disrupt stage will give fascinating insight into the ways technology is put to use in the White House, from eliminating red tape for small business owners and startup founders to charting the future of big data and artificial intelligence.

Disrupt SF is September 12-14, just weeks before the presidential election — an exciting time to hear about the future of technology in the White House. For Smith and many other Obama appointees, these next few months are the fourth quarter of their government service, so they’ll be working especially hard to debut their final projects before the next administration takes over.

Before Obama named Smith CTO, she was a vice president at Google leading business development and later at Google X, the department where Google’s moonshot projects are born. She’s engineered early smartphone tech, bicycle locks, and solar cookstoves and cars.